"[Rhenda's] work has been juried into several museum shows and she has been featured in magazine articles including FORBES, Fresh Paint Magazine, London and the cover of Inside New Orleans. The University Medical Center, New Orleans, Federal Reserve Bank and Sloan Kettering, New York selected her work for their collections."
- Inside New Orleans

LOUISIANA CONTEMPORARY | Presented by The Helis Foundation | 2017

"Cigars on the Beach" painting by Rhenda Saporito is featured on cover of Louisiana Contemporary catalog. 

Every August the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, in connection with Whitney White Linen Night, hosts its opening reception for its annual exhibition Louisiana Contemporary Presented by The Helis Foundation. Established in 2012, this statewide, juried exhibition promotes contemporary art practices in the state of Louisiana, provides exhibition space for the exposition of living artist’s work, and engages a contemporary audience that recognizes the vibrant visual culture of Louisiana and the role of New Orleans as a rising, international art center.

COMMUNICATING WITHOUT WORDS|Inside Northside | by Linda Trappey Dautruil |January - February 2017

In February [2017], Kelli Kaufman Studio and Gallery [described Rhenda's paintings]  "... as authentic and intuitive expressions of life experiences through mixed-media applications on paper, panel or canvas. With no regard for the end result, the paintings begin to take on a life of their own. She reacts to colors, marks, and shapes, painting into and out of chaos."

COMMUNICATING WITHOUT WORDS | Inside New Orleans | by Linda Trappey Dautreuil |April - May 2016

"Rhenda Saporito is one of the most ardent admirers of [Joan] Mitchell's work. She describes seeing the pastel drawings for the first time in New Orleans as a "game changing experience in her art practice. Working in oils for a short time, and then acrylic paint, Saporito did not consider pastel as an option until she saw the possibilities of the medium in the hands of a master."    


SLEEK AND MODERN | New Orleans Magazine | by Bonnie Warren | photography by Cheryl Graber | November 2015
"The all-white home of Renee and Peter Laborde is a study in exquisite, high style interior design, with every room seamlessly blending together in harmony. “What I like best about our home is that it is has a tranquil, peaceful feeling,” says Renee, who designed the complete restoration – inside and out – of the stately residence in the University Area." 

EMERGING ARTISTS | Art Galleries & Artists of the South 

"What is it? I'm often asked. I see everyday images in an abstract way. My paintings are an intuitive application of mixed media on paper or on canvas. I begin with no regard for the end result. As the painting begins to take on life, I react to the colors, the marks and the shapes,refining as I go... Water is my muse. I am influenced by the movement of the shallow translucent water tints or the ocean and their interaction with rocks, sand and the ocean floor. The water patterns can be soothing as well as energetic."      

RHENDA SAPORITO | Fresh Paint Magazine| October 2015 

"Rhenda Saporito is an abstract expressionist painter. Her mixed media paintings are an intuitive application on paper,panel or canvas. With no regard for the end result, the painting begins to take on a life of its own. She reacts to the colors, the marks, and the shapes, painting into and out of chaos."



"Not all visitors to the new University Medical Center arrive for health reasons. Some come just to see the art." 
Rhenda Saporito has 14 paintings in the University Medical Center.

RUSTIC REFINED | Inside Northside| by Poki Hampton | July - August 2013